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A Dog’s Tale - The Extraordinary Story Of Sir Wagalot Knight Book

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The remarkable story of Sir Wagalot Knight, a street dog rescued from the clutches of death by Soi Dog Foundation. 
184 pages, including 135 images tracking Knight’s journey from hell to heaven and an idyllic life with his adopter in the U.K. 



An exceptional read from start to finish, you are guaranteed to laugh, cry and ultimately fall in love with this amazing dog who has touched so many hearts worldwide. 

Pre-sale Reviews : 

The most beautiful read ever, yes there are sad parts and happy parts but this tells the story of a street dog and the struggles he has to go through , but now he is living with an amazing owner Wrench Guy who loves him so much and now Mr Knight is having the life he deserves ❤ - Lisa Johnston

This is the most increadible book i have ever read, it is life from the eyes of a Thailand street dog
I have personel connections with this subject having adopted 2 street dogs myself. Could not put it down. Brilliant work Wrench Guy - 
Christine Susan May 


Content Summary :

Mr Knight’s life from birth through to Christmas 2020 in his own words; including his dramatic rescue from Soi Thummasopa in Phuket Old Town, his ten weeks in the Soi Dog hospital (using hospital records and photographs), working with the Soi Dog behaviourists (using Curtis Brown’s notes), being adopted, travelling to his forever home in England and finding his paws in all-new life. This is a dog who had never been in a house, never been in a car etc.

Integrated chapters on the evolution of dogs, Soi Dog Foundation, Soi Dog heroes, the dog meat trade, dog behaviour, designer dogs. Special feature: An audience with Dame Polo De La Soi.


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