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We are very sad to inform you that since the onset of Brexit, it has become increasingly difficult to supply our friends based in EU member countries to the point where many parcels are going permanently missing or being returned to us in the UK. We are working hard to resolve this issue but, in the meantime, sadly, we can only ship calendars and books to EU countries.  This decision has been made because we do not want to disappoint our valued supporters by not being able to deliver their orders speedily & safely. Virtual gifts are still available to purchase as these do not involve shipping. Again, we are very sorry and promise that we will make announcements to you all by email once we feel confident that we can fulfil your orders for our whole range efficiently.  We value all of our EU country supporters greatly and hope to be back serving you 100% soon.

Thank you, All at Soi Dog Merchandise 🐾


Show the world you care, be spotted from afar with this luxury umbrella in the legendary, recognisable Soi Dog Foundation colours. 
Featuring the Soi Dog logo. 

✅ 100% Waterproof

✅ Big, this oversized umbrella is big enough to fit you & your significant other under its huge cover, after all, sharing is caring! 
✅ Designed to last : Reinforced flexible frame made of advanced fibreglass technology to keep it light while at the same time protecting you from the windiest conditions. 
✅ Waterproof sleeve 
✅ Handle designed to fit perfectly onto most golf carts nice & easy. Also designed for extra grip and maximum comfort to prevent muscle fatigue during long journeys. 

Matt Handle 

210T Polyester 


*Please note that the purchase price of this umbrella has recently been increased due to extra postage charges levied by Royal Mail due to the length of the item. Apologies that this is beyond our control. 

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