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Hand Sanitiser - Virtual Gift 🎁

  • £13.05 GBP

15 bottles of hand sanitiser (70% liquid alcohol) 450ml 

Both the dog & cat hospitals at our sanctuary are never closed to any dog or cat in need. Strict hygiene conditions are of the utmost importance to ensure these animals get the very best chance in life that they all deserve. 
Hand sanitiser is an ingoing expense that we simply can not cut corners on but we always desperately need help towards buying it. 
Would you be the one to donate please? 

Should you require a Gift Certificate we offer two options -

  1. A ‘Green’ version which is emailed to you to print out at home. This allows even more of your kind purchase amount to go towards supporting the shelter.
  2. A postal Certificate which we will mail to you.

Please make your chosen option clear in the NOTES section when you place your order along with the name of the recipient of the gift.

If you select the ‘Green” option, please add to the notes if you wish it to be emailed back to you or please provide the recipients email address if it is to go directly to them.

Similarly, please state if the postal Certificate is to be sent directly to you or provide the address of the recipient if different to yours. Thank you.