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Umbrella ☂️- Luxury golfing

Umbrella ☂️- Luxury golfing

  • £19.99 GBP

Show the world you care, be spotted from afar with this luxury golfing umbrella in the legendary, recognisable Soi Dog Foundation colours. 
Featuring the Soi Dog logo & dog/cat motif with ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ slogan. 

✅ 100% Waterproof

✅ Big, this oversized umbrella is big enough to fit you & your significant other under its huge cover, after all, sharing is caring! 
✅ Designed to last : Reinforced flexible frame made of advanced fibreglass technology to keep it light while at the same time protecting you from the windiest conditions. 
✅ Fully automatic mechanism. All you need to do when the storm hits is press a button. 
✅ Handle designed to fit perfectly onto most golf carts nice & easy. Also designed for extra grip and maximum comfort to prevent muscle fatigue during long journeys. 

Your umbrella will be shipped to you in a sturdy tube box to ensure that it is fully protected on its journey. 

Matt Handle 

210T Polyester